Art Collective WA is a publisher of artist monographs. These books pay tribute to the lifetime careers of our artist members.

'The Book Club is a major project to document Western Australian artists and promote their work nationally. In an environment in which artists and artworks - indeed any cultural material - from the west coast are routinely marginalised on the national arts agenda, such publications are vital correctives.'
[John Cruthers, Art Advisor and Curator]

Every 12-18 months, the Collective's Board selects the next artist and we start the process of seeking the artist’s works that reside in private and public art collections all over Australia and the world. We commission essays by revered Australian curators, writers and commentators about the artist’s work and life. And work with editors, photographers, designers and printers. Once all coordinated we launch the latest monograph at our gallery with a solo exhibition by the selected artist.

You can buy these publications online and at our gallery.

To support the publishing costs we seek donations to support these valuable archival documents. For each monograph we run a campaign. Contact us if you’d like to contribute.

Monographs published so far:

2023: George Haynes // In Search of Painting

2021: Olga Cironis // This Space Between Us

2019: Eveline Kotai // Invisible Threads

2017: Jeremy Kirwan-Ward // You Can See It From Here

2016: Trevor Vickers // Untitled Painting

Artist Monographs, published by Art Collective WA.

Artist Monographs, published by Art Collective WA.


Art Collective WA operates on a self-funding model. Income is mainly generated through artwork sales, private benefaction and philanthropic donations, with some public funding for specified projects. There are a number of ways you can help the Collective’s ongoing work and forge a closer relationship with WA artists.



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