About Us

We are an internationally recognised artist collective based in Perth, Western Australia.

Established in 2013, Art Collective WA has matured into a significant player in the Australian contemporary art scene. Run by artists, the Collective focuses on creating opportunities that involve and benefit significant Western Australian artists.

Long-term career artists who have lived and worked in the state for many years are invited to join as members. There is a group approach to running the organisation, in which artists are in control of decisions, and strategies are agreed that reflect positively on members' careers.

We exhibit artist members’ work in our gallery in Cathedral Square, in the heart of Perth, and invite other artists to participate in the annual gallery program.

Outside the gallery, we present selected artists at international art fairs, such as Singapore Art Fair and Sydney Contemporary; and at partner art spaces, such as Holmes à Court Gallery and Regional Art Galleries in Geraldton and Bunbury.

The Collective Conversations and Book Club are a deliberate contribution to the art history of Western Australia. We record artist interviews for posterity which are made available on our website and on SoundCloud; and we publish substantial artist monographs. Both of these initiatives firmly place the artists and their work in the global visual art context.

High quality exhibitions
Trevor Vickers, New Paintings and Prints, 2019, installation view, Art Collective WA – Cathedral Square, Perth. Acorn Photo.

Exhibitions // Sales

Our gallery in Cathedral Square presents a program of monthly solo and group exhibitions. The artworks are for sale and other available works can be viewed physically in our stockroom or online.

Private, public and institutional art collections regularly seek our artists’ works. Eminent institutions and corporations who have acquired work include the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Parliament House Canberra, Macquarie Bank, The University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Curtin University, Wesfarmers Arts, Woodside, Artbank, St John of God Health Care, Holmes à Court Collection, City of Perth and other local council art collections.

Browse our online Stockroom or Contact us for information on available works.

Telling Artist Stories

The Art Collective WA Book Club has produced three artist monographs on the life and work of our artist members: Trevor Vickers (2016), Jeremy Kirwan-Ward (2017) and Eveline Kotai (2019). In 2021 we will launch our fourth monograph on Olga Cironis.

Our annual artist-in-residence program contributes to local arts exchange and invites interstate artists to work in our gallery space.

We regularly host artist talks at our gallery and occasionally in other venues; and our recorded series of Collective Conversations preserve the voices of artists talking about their work for future generations.

Plenty of stories to tell
Artists Tom Freeman and Caspair Fairhall in conversation with Andre Lipscombe, 2020; paintings by Tom Freeman, Art Collective WA – Cathedral Square.
Plenty of stories to tell

Our Board and Management

Six of our artist members sit on a board to oversee the Collective’s operations – Trevor Vickers, Joanna Lamb, Brad Rimmer, Eveline Kotai and Kevin Robertson; chaired by Merrick Belyea.

Director Felicity Johnston is employed to professionally curate the Art Collective WA program and its development. She is supported by two part-time staff, Loretta Martella and Carola Akindele-Obe, as well as volunteer time from the artist members.

Felicity Johnston

Art Collective Director

Our board
Director Felicity Johnston; painting by Chris Hopewell. Photo: Angelita Bonetti; styling: Anna Flanders.