Art Collective WA Benefactors make our exhibitions a reality

Once a year, we call on interested art collectors to become our Benefactors.  All contributions support the costs of our annual exhibition program, which we could not run throughout the year without this support - consequently, our Benefactors are vital.

‘In its short history so far, Art Collective WA has achieved incredible results for WA artists. It is a lean and dynamic organisation, that punches well above its small size. They are doing so much to bring hardworking talented artists into the foreground, which then provides the means for these artists to keep contributing to the cultural life of Australia. We are pleased to support Art Collective WA. It is performing a very important role.’ [Benefactor]

How the Benefactors' Program Works

The Benefactors’ program kicks off each year with a delightful, lucky dip style of affair.

In exchange for $2500 cash each Benefactor wins a significant original artwork donated by one of our member artists.

The artworks are drawn at our annual Benefactors’ Cocktail Party. This entertaining event is held in the gallery, surrounded by the exhibition of all the works and with the artists too. It’s an exclusive opportunity and one which our Benefactors’ enjoy - for the nail-biting reveal, as well as the camaraderie, and of course going home with a prize artwork.

Benefactors sign up annually (with previous Benefactors getting first dibs!) and places are limited to around 20.

Questions? Read the Benefactors’ FAQ here.

Check out the donated works that you could go home with!


At The Benefactors' Ballot Party - happy art collectors and artists!

At The Benefactors' Ballot Party - happy art collectors and artists!


Art Collective WA operates on a self-funding model. Income is mainly generated through artwork sales, private benefaction and philanthropic donations, with some public funding for specified projects. There are a number of ways you can help the Collective’s ongoing work and forge a closer relationship with WA artists.



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