Ron Nyisztor, Conq-cur, 2017-2019, oil on canvas, 130 x 160cm
Ron Nyisztor, Conq-cur, 2017-2019, oil on canvas, 130 x 160cm

Momento of Clarity

Ron Nyisztor continues his series of still life shows in this new exhibition 'Momento of Clarity'. Previous still life shows include Iota Massive, Comfort of Stone, Semi Precious, Wormwood Aniseed Fennel, BC AC Body Clock Atomic Clock.

Although these works were all developed pre-pandemic, Ron's customary practice of playing on words sees this show reflect on the unusual times, a post truth era and a memento - a keepsake. Ron's meticulous work is often complex in its simplicity, yet beautifully straightforward. 

As Ron writes in the exhibition statement:

The works in the series Momento of Clarity act as an unsettling, humorous metaphor for the confusion and dilemmas of current times and reflect a post truth world. They present an emotional and social landscape of our contemporary lives. Elusive and emotive, the images straddle abstraction and figuration, echoing the advents of communications and rationales rising and reforming only to collide and slump chaotically around us.

Momento refers to the idea of the Lava lamp being a relic or reminder of a specific time in recent history. The Mathmos light or Lava Lamps invention coincided with the 60s counterculture revolution and the generational shifts in consciousness and attitudes which accompanied it. I am interested in how this device has been relegated to the past, and exists now as a novelty kitsch item, albeit with nostalgic allure. Similar to neon lighting, breeze blocks and other discarded items consistent with the type of imagery contained in my paintings.

We look forward to this show, opening at Holmes à Court Gallery on Thursday 6 May. Get in touch for images and artwork sales enquiries.

Exhibition runs 7 May – 26 May 2021
Holmes à Court Gallery @No.10
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–5pm

Listen to Ron Nyisztor in conversation with Andre Lipscombe.