Linde Ivimey // Syndicate 5 + 1 Survey

Linde Ivimey | Patrone, 2023, mixed media, 90 x 45 x 42cm
Linde Ivimey | Patrone, 2023, mixed media, 90 x 45 x 42cm

Claremont School of Art Alumni Linde Ivimey returns to Perth for the first time in decades, exhibiting a sculpture survey of the last 15 years of work to compliment a group of sculptures commissioned for The Syndicate, a group of ten Western Australian collectors.

For The Synidcate works, Linde has worked at child life-size scale, weaving fibre, bone and feather into a body of work that explores imagination and play.

The Survey component of the exhibition is from Linde’s studio collection and comprises sculptures small and large made from a fanciful list of materials and techniques. Materials include steel, wood, bone, feathers, fibre, gemstones, teeth, fur and gut. These works have been stitched, welded, taxidermied, woven and formed into her extraordinary studio companions.

Linde Ivimey is a contemporary artist based in Sydney. She graduated with a Diploma of Fine Art in both printmaking and sculpture from the Claremont School of Art in Perth, where she later taught art for several years before returning to Sydney. She is well known for her use of recycled materials, often incorporating bone and skin, primarily of bird, sheep and fish, into large scale statues and small detailed figures. Employing multiple techniques, Linde draws upon many skills from welding to cooking, weaving, wood-sculpture, and sewing. Having held numerous solo exhibitions, her work features in eminent collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, HOTA - Home of the Arts. Linde Ivimey is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary.