Colour in Practice // Regional Tour at Albany Town Hall

Cathy Blanchflower Helen Smith Jennifer Cochrane Michele Theunissen

Helen Smith | Blue Highway 36 (detail), 2023, oil on linen, 152 x 213cm
Helen Smith | Blue Highway 36 (detail), 2023, oil on linen, 152 x 213cm

Art Collective WA is pleased to present our 2023 regional exhibition 'Colour in Practice' featuring the work of Cathy Blanchflower, Jennifer Cochrane, Helen Smith, and Michele Theunissen. The exhibition will showcase the artists' ongoing fascination with colour, form, minimalism, patterning, and formal structure. The legacy of female abstract artists in Australia, such as Carol Rudyard and Miriam Stannage, has enthused many local artists, including the four featured in this exhibition.

CATHY BLANCHFLOWER's paintings ripple with colour, movement, space, and light, as she attempts to translate the experiences of existing in the world into a visual language.

JENNIFER COCHRANE's practice stems from a strong history of object-based art, pursuing simplicity of form through sculpture and site-specific installations. She explores perspective and viewpoint and how these concepts impact upon interpretation and understanding.

HELEN SMITH's work is influenced by a formal, minimalist vernacular, with simplicity of form and geometric abstraction contributing to the outcome. Oil on canvas paintings, large-scale wall works, and ongoing photographic series form the basis for her enquiry, derived from an interest in social and cultural systems.

MICHELE THEUNISSEN's paintings are driven by an interest in the pulses and invisible forces that underpin form. Her exploration of surfaces leads her to an abstract approach, with the making process guided by intuition and the relationship between materiality and herself.

EXHIBITION // 28 July - 2 September 2023.
ARTIST TALKS // Saturday 29 July, 11am.

Albany Town Hall open 10am-5pm, closed Sunday & Monday.