Caspar Fairhall // Elision

Caspar Fairhall, Folded Volume, 2019, oil on linen, 81 x 81cm
Caspar Fairhall, Folded Volume, 2019, oil on linen, 81 x 81cm

The word elision means both the omission of one or more sounds in a word and to join together or merge disparate elements. The double sense of omitting and combining elements is central to this body of work, which draws on the language of geometric abstraction to make figurative works.

Caspar Fairhall invites the viewer to play with the notion that pictures are paradoxes – they are simultaneously flat and illusionistic, motionless, while having a sense of embodied time. In these paintings and works on paper, architectural elements take on the qualities of eroded geology; geology becomes abstract pattern, and flat geometric forms are used to build ambiguous spatial structures.

Caspar Fairhall’s multidisciplinary art practice over more than 25 years incorporates painting, video and interactive video art – all with a foundation in observational drawing. He holds a Masters in Fine Art from the University of New South Wales and his work is represented in notable collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. He recently conducted a workshop for postgraduate students at China Academy of Art.

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