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Alex Spremberg

Alex Spremberg, Budgie (detail), 2020, paper collage on board, 29 x 42cm
Alex Spremberg, Budgie (detail), 2020, paper collage on board, 29 x 42cm

In a new collage series, Alex Spremberg pays homage to Warhol’s Interview Magazine, reinterpreting its innovative pages and establishing a new narrative that provides insight into the way we construct scenarios and chronicle history. The immersive installation will be exhibited alongside key paintings that highlight the acutely seductive surfaces that permeate his work.

Alex Spremberg’s artworks are an inquiry into the boundaries of painting. They are inspired by everyday life. The ordinary objects that we handle daily often provide the raw materials for his paintings and sculptures. From matchboxes and cardboard packaging to vinyl records and their covers, as well as newsprint, teabags and shopping trolleys, common materials are incorporated and altered into his artworks. The processes that he devises for these objects emphasise the nature of their materiality and make the passage of time tangible. Alex uses these items to investigate consumer culture’s economic rationalism, while exploring the idiosyncrasies of human perception within the context of non-objective art practice.