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Become our Benefactor!

Art Collective WA is the newest initiative to support artists living and working in Western Australia.

Our aim is to ensure that a rich legacy of outstanding artistic practice is preserved for the State, by recognising and nourishing the hard won excellence of our established artists.

Since its inception in 2013, Art Collective WA has exhibited the work of over 50 artists – in its home gallery in Hay Street, Subiaco, and by invitation at Vasse Felix Gallery, the Melbourne and Sydney Contemporary Art Fairs, as well as Art Stage Singapore. We are also well on the way to publishing our first book.

Respected artists have experienced the reinvigoration of their practice. Sales of work have exceeded expectations. Word has spread quickly and opportunities for our artists are growing.

You can be a part of this.

Art Collective WA is owned and funded by artists, for artists. We are grateful for our existing donors but can do so much more with your help. Let’s build our cultural capital to enjoy now and for future generations.

For an investment of $2,500 you will receive:
• An original artwork donated by one of our founding artists, valued at $4,000.
• Two invitations to a cocktail party in celebration, on Saturday 13 June.

Most importantly, your generosity will ensure that the significant legacy of our prized artists is not lost.

Merrick Belyea, Penny Bovell, Paul Caporn, Penny Coss, Jo Darbyshire, Sarah Elson, Caspar Fairhall, Chris Hopewell, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb, Andre Lipscombe, Anthony Muia, Ron Nyisztor, Kevin Robertson, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, Angela Stewart, Michele Theunissen, Paul Uhlmann, Trevor Vickers