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Paul Uhlmann, Air, 2019, oil on canvas, 41 x 36cm


1-24 November 2019, Fremantle, Western Australia

PENNY COSS // The Twist of the Sea
Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery

'The Twist of the Sea', or 'Volta Do Mar' in Portuguese, describes the circular wind and water currents of the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the monsoons that govern the Indian ocean and change with every season, the winds and currents of Volta Do Mar (aka follow the same direction every day of the year, every season). The trade winds of both hemispheres meet at what is termed the Doldrums. This three-channel video installation takes as its subject the locus of the Fremantle Harbour, conflating the surety of the tidal pattern with that of vulnerability drifting in a maelstrom of doubt.

Penny Coss has also been selected to exhibit in The Long Kiss Goodbye in the 2020 Perth Festival.

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PAUL UHLMANN // Western Current
Fremantle Arts Centre
Curated by Art Collective WA member, Ron Nyisztor

Western Current presents a backdrop to our unique Western Australian experience living on the edge of the Indian Ocean. The paintings in this exhibition present a coastal gothic narrative, depicting storylines which emphasise a sense of isolation and foreboding. Mere glimpses of the sea and sky in some works are enough to convey an uneasy sense of distance between us and the rest of the world.

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